Its fascinating inhabited center, with ancient origins, is made up of two districts: Lauria Superiore, the “Castle”, and Lauria Inferiore, the “Borgo”, separated from each other by the ancient “Ravita” district.

Strolling along the historic center, you are fascinated by the typical signs of the medieval era revealed starting from the remains of its castle.

The ancient village has preserved traces of its ancient origins in the houses clinging to the hill, in the characteristic alleys and intricate streets, which in turn climb up forming arches, arcades and harmonious architectural motifs.

Nor leaves indifferent the heritage made of wrought iron railings and gates and stone portals, lithic coats of arms and decorated cornices, as well as the noble palaces. On the top of the Armo, in the Cafaro district, the oldest in the country, rise the walls and the remains of the towers of the castle, which belonged first to Ruggero di Lauria, then to the Sanseverinos and the Dukes of Candia.

Do not miss the birthplace of Blessed Domenico Lentini, patron saint of Lauria, whose relics are kept inside the mother church of Lauria, San Nicola di Bari. Both places are a destination for pilgrimages throughout the year.

The range of naturalistic resources that Lauria offers in every season is also unforgettable.