madonna di sirino lagonegro


The village, known for being the birthplace of the well-known singer and songwriter Pino Mango, is often cited for the legend according to which the famous Monnalisa, the protagonist of Leonardo’s painting, spent the last moments of her life here. The village has a medieval layout,…

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Lauria - Panoramica


Its fascinating inhabited center, with ancient origins, is made up of two districts: Lauria Superiore, the “Castle”, and Lauria Inferiore, the “Borgo”, separated from each other by the ancient “Ravita” district. Strolling along the historic center, you are…

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Set in the Gulf of Policastro, Maratea is the only Lucanian outlet on the Tyrrhenian Sea, of which it is called “the pearl”. Its thirty kilometres of coastline have been awarded the blue flag, and have always been among the most celebrated in Italy. Its fame dates back to ancient times,…

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Nemoli is a charming and picturesque village characterised by a tangle of alleys, stairways and eighteenth-century buildings, located a few kilometres from the Sirino lake. The evocative water basin, surrounded by greenery and by the houses that literally overlook it, is the ideal destination for…

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Rivello is a small medieval village located on the ridge of a hill that overlooks the whole Noce Valley. Full of many treasures such as the Mother Church of San Nicola, the beautiful monastery of Sant’Antonio, sulphur springs and traditional crafts. It is worth a visit, particularly for those who…

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This village is located just above Maratea. At the very heart of the village you’ll find the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, surrounded by gardens, with its old stone cross. In the surrounding area, near Passo la Colla, there is a belvedere (viewpoint) overlooking the Policastro Gulf. Around the…

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