Basilicata by motorbike

MOTOTURISMO basilicata turistica

Time is measured in kilometers. There is no summer or winter: passion on two wheels going in the sun, rain or snow. There are no compasses: space is divided into landmarks and meeting points. A wish to escape. The pleasure of challenging the asphalt and eliminating distances in complete freedom. A desire to discover authentic villages and unexpected landscapes. Touring riders have their own travel philosophy.

Passion on a motorbike

The six proposed routes cover around 1.900 km and follow the history and geography of this region. They are designed to lead bikers to both famous and lesser known locations with infor- mation about the region’s scenery, culture, food and wine. Different opportunities to arrange a two-wheeled journey, travel maps; practical and technical advice, such as road surface condi- tions and the presence of mechanics, tire shops, roadside assistance and gas pumps on the suggested routes.

mototurismo guida itinerari