Amidst the heights separating Potenza and the Val d’Agri, at a 959 m. altitude, lies one of the most surprising little towns of Basilicata, Sasso di Castalda, the ancient Saxum, a simple yet charming historical site surrounded by partly barren and partly wooded hills. Facing the Sasso’s main square, stands the “Chiesa Madre dell’Immacolata” , dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, with a graceful portal. Inside, a XIV Century statue of “Madonna con Bambino” (Virgin Mary with Child), XV Century paintings, a confessional with carvings dated to the Renaissance times and XVII Century frescoes. Less ornate are the churches of San Rocco and Sant’Antonio. Some remnants are left of the Gaetani d’Aragona castle. Street names and inscriptions keep the memory of notable Sasso citizens as Rocco Beneventano, a XIX Century jurist, Giuseppe De Luca, editor, Mariele Ventre, a musician promoter and leader of the children chorus “Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano” and Rocco Petrone, director of the Apollo Program and NASA Marshall Flight Center. Sasso di Castalda, in these last years, has given increasing attention to open air activities. This interest is reflected in the construction of the trail climbing up to the panoramic viewpoint, the two Tibetan bridges spanning a ravine and the creation of the Cervo faunal area. Close to this area is the starting point of “Sentiero Frassati” (Frassati Trail), which passes by the “Mulino del Conte” (The Count’s Mill) and the legendary “Faggio di San Michele” (Saint Michael BeechTree). Lifting facilities are available on Mount Pierfaone.