One of the most surprising boroughs of Basilicata, Savoia di Lucania dominates the Melandro and Tanagro valleys, on the bordeline with Campania and at close distance from “Autostrada del Sole” (Highway A1). It looks like an eagle nest to observers down in the valleys, the roads up there are steep and winding.An easier access to this village perched on a mountain is from the northern side, from Potenza, driving on the road connecting to Highway A3. The name has a strange story. The original Salvia di Lucania become Savoia at the end of the XIX Century as a “compensation” to the Savoia family for the attempt on the life of king Umberto I in Naples made in 1878 by Giovanni Passannante, an anarchist fellow citizen. A return to the original name has been recently required by a local committee. Memory of this attempt is kept in a wall painting on the entrance arch to the inner town. Wall paintings can be found in town, dedicated to San Rocco and some notable events of the local history. The most remarkable monument is the “Chiesa Madre” (Mother Church) dedicated to San Nicola di Bari, flanked by the churches dedicated to San Rocco, Madonna del Latte (Our Lady of the Milk) and Madonna Annunziata (Virgin Mary’s Annunciation), a medieval castle and some stately mansions. The tiny Museo Salviano tells the story of this village and its people.