Castello di Moliterno in Val d'Agri - Pz

Visitors one of the most important historical centers of the Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino Lucano. It can be easily reached through the expressway running down the valley or the A3 Highway (exit Buonabitacolo-Padula). The town is guarded by an imposing castle restored after the 1980 earthquake. The churches “Chiesa Madre dell’Assunta”, “della Trinità,” “del Rosario”, “San Francesco di Paola” and “Santa Croce” deserve a visit. In Santa Croce a precious painting is preserved, the “Deposizione” by Giovanni Di Gregorio, named “il Pietrafesa”, a XVII Century painter born in what is now Satriano di Lucania. The museum-home of Domenico Aiello, containing a library and a collection of stamps and paintings of noteworthy Lucanian painters, gives a very real image of the life in the villages of Basilicata in the old times. Downhill, near the lake, the ruins of Grumentum, a Roman settlement of the III Century B.C., destroyed by the Saracen raids in the XI Century. In the ruins, surrounded by century-old oak trees, an amphitheatre and the basements of some temples can be identified; a small archeological museum is also open to the visitors.