Situated between the mountains and the Thyrrenian sea at short distance from Highway A1 (Autostrada del Sole), Nemoli offers a pleasant starting point for the exploration of Thyrrenian Basilicata, from the Maratea coastline to the ridges of Mount Sirino. The first settlements in this area date back to the V Century B.C., as confirmed by little statues of warriors and animals found near a votive offer. In medieval times Nemoli, named Bosco at that time, belonged to Lauria and was at later times merged with the Rivello territory. In the middle of the XVII Century, Nemoli gave shelter to a group of Waldensians refugees expelled from Piedmont, coming from the nearby Calabria. It was declared an independent municipality by the Repubblica Partenopea in 1799. The Strada delle Calabrie (Calabrian Way) built in 1806 contributed to improve the living conditions and increase the population of the area, where mills and workshops of iron and copper products were established. In the inner town , characterized by narrow streets and porticoes, some ornate portals and the arcade, in Neapolitan style, of the XVIII Century Palazzo Filizzola can be admired. The church dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie(XVII Century) keeps a XIV Century multicolored Madonna statue of Byzantine style, a font and a very ornate rose window. At short distance from the town, Lake Sirino, an oasis of coolness, which can be reached from the Lagonegro and Lauria exits of Highway A3. In a nearby church, a rose window of Neapolitan style, a wooden Christ of the Ortisei craftmen and a wooden Holy Family can be admired.