Action and go! Film locations in Basilicata

In over 50 years, more than sixty films have been made in Basilicata.

The Sassi of Matera, the moon-like landscape of the ravines, the sun-drenched lands of Mount Vulture, the tiny villages studded into the mountainsides. The whole of Basilicata is a stage set. The scenery of Lucania, in the eyes of the seventh art, represents the soul of the South, it is perceived as a historical experience, as a theatrical setting which inspires authors, scriptwriters and directors.

Special No Time To Die Basilicata

As engines roar and cars spin dizzyingly out of control during breathtaking car chase scenes throughout the Sassi of Matera, which leave skid marks in their wake, James Bond, played by a very charming Daniel Craig, whizzes his Aston Martin DB25 through the historic squares, while the town celebrates its year as European Capital of Culture for 2019.