Winter Sports

sport invernali basilicata turistica

Excitement in the snow
The new “white” philosophy offers a thousand ideas to step off the beaten track, savour the rhythms of authentic villages, taste the delicacies of typical Lucanian cuisine in huts, restaurants and hotels, and experience exciting events. And to capture all the charm of high altitudes, tourist guides, ski schools and ski instructors are a constant presence.
The Lucanian mountains, covered with woods and crossed by more or less beaten paths, are even more beautiful dressed in white.

Experience winter in Basilicata
In the crisp morning air, once you reach a large peak, where the earth ends and only the sky remains, you can feel the breath of the mountain and your gaze is lost in striking panoramas.
The five ski districts, Sellata-Arioso, Volturino, Viggiano, Sirino and Pollino, offer exciting outdoor activities suitable for everyone in the coldest season. With a backpack and boots, skis or snowshoes, on board a bob or on a sled, tourists can conquer the white heart of Basilicata by changing route from day to day or from weekend to weekend.