Path that starts from the Agna district, runs along the Agno road where, between Casini and monumental arches, you can reach the Rupestrian Complex of San Nicola all’Ofra, crossing the territory of Lamaquacchiola, an uncontaminated territory, a treasure trove of botanical and faunal treasures. Eventually, you will find the rainwater collection systems and the church of Cristo La Selva and the Casale del Saraceno, to continue towards the Vallone della Loe and Murgia Sant’Andrea. Return by own or public transport.

recommended equipment
Trekking shoes or sneakers. Long and comfortable trousers.
According to the seasons
spring-summer: cotton hat with visor to protect yourself from the sun, anorak;
Winter-Autumn: wool hat or headband and gloves, a nylon over-trousers (in case of rain), windbreaker or waterproof capes.
Recommended layer-dressing.
Photographic material, waste bag.