The guided excursion lasts about 3 hours and is perfect for those who want to try the thrill of a wild experience in contact with nature. For greater safety, the passenger must be at least 12 years of age and tall enough to touch the platform with their feet. After a short lesson on riding the quad and a skills test with the instructor, the adventure can begin! The route starts at the foot of Mount Pierno and continues into the beech forest at the foot of Mount Santa Croce, from which the forest takes its name. This tour will allow you to experience the green dirt paths and narrow stone streets of the village of San Fele, nestled between Mount Torretta and Mount Castello, which can only be travelled on foot or by small motor vehicles. Halfway along the route you will reach the San Fele waterfalls known as ‘Uattënniérë’. These are located within the Vulture Park, so, in order to respect the flora and fauna, we will continue on foot independently for about 1 hour, without our guide. At the end of the visit to the waterfalls, we will return on board the quads to continue the excursion and discover the magic of an entirely natural and scenic landscape, spectacular in every season. We will describe it to you, you will be able to admire its beauty with your own eyes, experiencing an authentic emotion.

Everything included:

  • A lesson in the safe use of the quad
  • A skills test with the instructor
  • A tour on a quad 4×4 bike for you and a passenger
  • A well-prepared and attentive guide to the needs of the group
  • One or two helmets with visor and disposable cap for you and a passenger
  • Suitcase
  • Liability insurance
  • Fuel
  • Water bottle
  • First aid kit

Recommended clothing:

  • Comfortable walking shoes, boots or sneakers
  • Sports jacket (possibly waterproof), sweatshirt and T-shirt
  • Hat or hood, gloves
  • Hiking or waterproof trousers
  • Provide for a change of clothes

Required documentation:

  • B or B1 driver’s licence
  • Minimum 12 years for the passenger