One of tiniest towns of Basilicata, Cirigliano is located on the hills of the Sauro Valley, near Road 92 linking the Ionian coast to Laurenzana and Potenza. The place is also known for its pits of Cirigliano stone, a sandstone used for floors,coverings and restorations. Human settlements in this area date back to very ancient times, the name Cirigliano is probably linked to Cerellius, a Roman centurion who, at the end of his military duty, retired in these hills. The first document where mention is made of the town is a bull of the diocese of Tricarico dated 1060. Surrounded by walls and towers, the residential area is protected by a feudal castle with a tower of typical oval shape. Bought in 1595 by the Coppola family, the castle in XVIII Century became property of the Formica baronal family, still the owner. The inside chapel dedicated to “Madonna Addolorata” preserves a XVII Century “Pietà”. Paintings and frescoes of good quality are also found in the Chiesa Madre, unfortunately a wooden statue of Beato Angelico Seno was lost. Between the church and the castle lies the small but suggestive historical section of the town with its strette (narrow streets) and typical buildings.The most important is Palazzo Fanelli, where the Vicarage and a boarding house for old people are located. The chapel of Santa Lucia and the floor of the square are made of Cirigliano stone. Out of town , the little church of Madonna della Grotta, carved in a huge stone: according to a local legend,it was made by a repentant bandit.