The town of Campomaggiore, a perfect balcony on the Lucanian Dolomites and the deep valley carved by the Basento river over millennia, welcomes the visitors with a mostly modern residential area and the Santa Maria del Carmelo parish church at its center. In the Parco della Scultura, an itinerary which crosses the new and old sections of the town,works of Lucanian and non-Lucanian artists (Miguel Ausili,Michele Benedetto,Kho-Emon Hattori, Cesare Riva, Pasquale Martini) are exhibited. It is worthwhile a walking or biking trip to Campomaggiore Vecchia (4 km), the “ideal city” built by the Rendinas, the local feudal lords,designed in1741 by architect Giovanni Patturelli, a disciple of Vanvitelli. Close to the church and the baronal palace, standing one in front of the other in Piazza dei Voti, a block of semi-detached houses of modern look and comfort were built in the XIX Century. To the families settled there land was donated to cultivate vineyards and olive trees. In 1833 the residents amounted to 1500 people. In 1885, a catastrophic landslide forced evacuation and abandonment of the town. The surroundings of Campomaggiore, where many wind farms have been installed, offer very interesting itineraries suitable for walking and mountain biking. The town also offers a selection of sports centers.