As a balcony facing the Basento valley and the rocky landscape of the Lucanian Dolomites in the background, Albano di Lucania preserves in its intact medieval structure a church of fascinating beauty. At 900m. altitude, in the middle of the town, stands the impressive “Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore”, formerly dedicated to “Madonna della Neve”. Built on an early christian church, with a XVIII Century belltower at one side, the church has an austere three-nave Romanesque structure. The huge neo-classical main portal on the front side of the church,- dated 1924, is very interesting and somewhat surprising. Inside, some medieval frescoes and a XVII Century statue of Madonna delle Grazie, most cherished by the local faithful. A latin inscription on the old Town Hall tells that the building was built with public money for public use in the year of Our Lord 1581. Dates back to the XVII Century the beautiful painting “Annunciazione” by Pietro Antonio Ferri, kept in Cappella dell’Annunziata in the Monte district. The Museo del Giocattolo Povero e del Gioco di strada. (Museum of the one-penny toy and street games) deserves a visit. The plateau behind the town , crossed by the roads to Campomaggiore and Tricarico, is an ideal place for walking and biking trips.