Sul blog di Andrew Harper’s Discovering Italy’s untouched region of Basilicata

Basilicata is one of the most remote and least visited parts of Italy, but during a recent road trip, we discovered a fascinating and stunningly beautiful region that will remain long in the memory

Sul sito di Andrew Harper’s hideaway report, “The sere southern Italian landscape is marked by dramatic cocoa-colored ravines. Rolling fields of golden wheat and white villages perched on hilltops that look like low clouds from afar. Although one of Italy’s smallest regions, Basilicata can boast a sandy coastline on the Ionian Sea, a distinctive cooking style and some excellent little-known wines. Its true gem is the town of Matera. Continuously inhabited for more than 9,000 years, Matera has both a modern town, where most of its inhabitants live today, and an old town, which was originally a troglodyte settlement, with caves bored into the soft vanilla-colored limestone of a bluff”…

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