Located in the area of Vulture within some enchanting scenery, and surrounded by lush vegetation, are the two Monticchio lakes, of different size, and a Regional Reserve.

The lakes originated inside the carter of the Vulture mount, a now extinct volcano; beautifully reflected in the waters of the lake there is the splendid Benedictine Abbey of San Michele. Built on the ancient crater sides, the abbey and the remains of St. Ippolito complex bear witness to the presence of monks orders in the area of Vulture. The abbey boasts some beautiful frescoes dating back to the mid-eleventh century.

The Abbey of San Michele hosts the Museum of Natural History of the Vulture, which is divided into seven sections (the journey of the ancient men of Vulture; the fauna path; the flora path; the ‘Gea’ path; laboratories and temporary exhibitions; habitats and collections; the cradle of the rare ‘Bramea’ moth) that explore the history of the Homo Erectus of Atella, from ancient to present times, also offering insights on the urban settlements of the area and natural and animal life.

Trekking and horse riding lovers, but also cycling enthusiasts, are sure to find everything they are looking for in this natural paradise covered in woods, green slopes, immense plateaus and nature tracks that lead to fairytale landscapes.