Established in 2011, Montalbano Ionico Reserve – the largest of Basilicata – boasts unique geological features and is rich in outstanding natural, environmental, archaeological and cultural heritage.

The typical gullies and ravines known as ‘Calanchi’ extend up to the cultivated fields, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, pines and cypresses that exhibit unique and absolute landscapes, such as the geosite of Tempa Petrolla, a rocky outcrop emerging from the clay.

The landscape of Calanchi is rich in flora and fauna, especially birds. For this reason, the Reserve has been identified at the European level as an I.B.A. (Important Bird Area).

The reserve offers plenty of nature tracks, such as the ‘Gardens’: mule tracks that have been used, since the ancient times, to connect the old village to the area of Val d’Agri, stretching from the Ionian Sea to the peaks of the Pollino National Park. Many of these tracks cross the most important geological sites of the regional reserve of Calanchi in Montalbano Ionico, and today they have become ideal routes for exciting excursions and walks.