The most recent protected area of Basilicata, established in 2007, lies in the beautiful National Park of Appennino Lucano ‘Val d’Agri Lagonegrese’.

The area is home to some beautiful villages that will offer you unforgettable experiences through culture, sacred values and nature. Along with the archaeological area of Grumentum, considered to be the most important regional site dating back to the Roman period, and the nearby Archaeological Museum of the Alta Val D’Agri, the park includes the villages of Viggiano and Sant’Arcangelo, the religious heart of Basilicata, famous for the cult of the Black Madonna Patron Saint of the region, and for the Monastery of Santa Maria Orsoleo. Today the monastery houses an interactive museum offering visitors fascinating spiritual journeys in the old and new Basilicata.

The beautiful Pertusillo Lake is another destination of extraordinary interest. This artificial lake, which also serves as a dike for the Agri river, is surrounded by thick woods that extend up to the lake shores.

The area is also famous for its delicious food products and specialities, which are now renowned even beyond the regional boundaries: from the strong-flavoured Canestrato di Moliterno cheese, bearing the PGI label, to Sarconi Beans, also bearing the PGI label and used to prepare exquisite dishes. Each dish takes an even more intense and unforgettable flavour if enjoyed with fine local wines, such as the “Grottino di Roccanova Igt” and the “Terre dell’Alta Val d’Agri Doc”.