Steeped in history and nature, this coastline is washed by beautiful sea and surrounded by undiscovered wild nature. Stretching for about thirty-five kilometres, the Ionian Coast offers crystal-clear, blue waters and vibrant green Mediterranean vegetation. The first stretch of coast is that of Metaponto, the cradle of the ancient Greek culture, offering plenty of very well-equipped private beaches.

Southward there are the beautiful beaches of Marina di Pisticci, hosting one of the marinas of the Ionian Coast, Porto degli Argonauti, the ideal location to enjoy exciting boat excursions and uncover Basilicata’s hidden natural treasures.

Porto degli Argonauti harbour can host up to 450 small and medium sized boats, up to 30 metres in length. Beyond the Cavone river mouth, you will find the seaside resort of Scanzano and going southward, between the mouths of Agri and Sinni rivers, lies the seaside location of Policoro, the ancient Herakleia, another important site steeped in ancient Greek culture and history.

You shouldn’t miss the harbour of Marina di Policoro, which belongs to Marinagri resort, a modern and eco-friendly, all-beachfront resort of great charm and beauty. Considered to be the largest and best equipped harbour of the Ionian Sea, Policoro marina has more than 750 berths and offers various support services to boats. It is provided with 750 berths from 6 to 40 metres.

Closing the Basilicata stretch of the Ionian Coast, are the beaches of Marina di Rotondella and Marina di Nova Siri, which is named after the ancient land of Siritide.