The regional cuisine is a delightful explosion of genuine flavours, spicy scents and vibrant colours; traditional Lucanian dishes are increasingly appreciated in the food and wine industry and can be found both in Italy and all over the world.

From traditional hand-made pasta to meat – mostly lamb, goat, pork and veal – from flavoursome vegetables, used in many recipes, to colourful and scented fruit, the other great regional speciality flourishing in the immense citrus groves and fruit gardens located throughout the region.

Another typical dish of Lucanian gastronomy is baccalà, dried salt-cured fish used in different recipes and best enjoyed with the famous crusco peppers of Senise, which bear the protected geographical indication label (IGP). In addition to DOC, DOP, IGP and IGT marks, which have made the delicious Lucanian cuisine famous throughout the world, the region also boasts several Slow Food labels. Products bearing this high-quality certification include the caciocavallo podolico lucano (gourd-shaped cheese), the red bean of Pantano di Pignola, the oven-dried olives from Ferrandina area, the pear of Valle del Sinni and the pork sausage known as pezzente, from Matera valley.

These delicious regional specialities are always enjoyed with great local wines, such as the famous Aglianico del Vulture, found in different varieties, colours and aromas.

Basilicata…a beautiful discovery also for food lovers!