Outdoor in Maratea and Lagonegrese

Maratea is not just about the sea; or rather, there is so much sea that your eyes are drawn inland, to the mountain, and the many attractions of Lagonegrese where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. The territory has a high environmental value; the Pollino National Park and the National Park of the Appennino Lucano Lagonegrese Val D’Agri cross here, and many operators with their various activities make it the gateway to outdoor tourism in the Basilicata region.

There are a whole host of activities to take part in, from climbing to horse-riding, mountain biking and orienteering, as well as paragliding, kayaking and hiking through this spectacular setting and with qualified, established professionals. The activities can be enjoyed at various levels of difficulty, from the most experienced to families with children, and can be practiced across the towns of Castelluccio Inferiore, Castelluccio Superiore, Lagonegro, Latronico, Lauria, Maratea, Nemoli, Rivello and Trecchina as well as throughout the National Parks. This is a new and unique experience for tourists to visit different areas during their holiday.

As well as the activities, there are also many other interesting aspects of specific towns; thermal spas, food and wine, culture, and the sea. This is a truly adventurous holiday, suitable for everyone and with plenty of choice.