The system of Tibetan bridges in Sasso di Castalda is located on the sides of the “Fosso Arenazzo” which begins right at the foot of the picturesque old town. Through the narrow streets that branch off between the characteristic stone houses of the old town, you come to the beginning of the first bridge, which 95 metres long and suspended about 70 metres high, and across which you can reach the opposite side on a slope characterised by distinctive geologic formations. Following the path along the bank of the “Fosso”, you go past the votive chapel and in 15 minutes you will get to the start of the incredible “Bridge to the moon.”

With a single span of a good 300 metres, and suspended in mid-air at 120m above the stream below, you literally travel through the air to the ruins of the castle which dominates the village from above.

Upon arrival you will see a glass sky-walk suspended on the deck, and an equipped viewpoint where you can catch your breath for a few minutes while admiring the views of the surrounding mountains set on the ancient ruins.

After a short downhill stretch on stone steps, you will return to the historic centre, passing by the small church of San Nicola, which has recently been restored.

It takes approximately 2-3 hours to cover the whole length of the path of Tibetan bridges.

Technical specifications of the “Bridge to the Moon”

Starting altitude: 973m a.s.l.

Arrival altitude: 975m a.s.l.

Span length: 300m

Maximum height from the ground: 120m

Diameter of supporting ropes: 30mm

Number of supporting steps: 600

Total number of clamps used: 2500

Estimated crossing time: 30 minutes

Technical specifications of the “Fosso Arenazzo lower deck”

Starting altitude: 940m a.s.l.

Arrival altitude: 934m a.s.l.

Span length: 93m

Maximum height from the ground: 70m

Diameter of supporting ropes: 30mm

Number of supporting steps: 180

Total number of clamps used: 720

Estimated crossing time: 8 minutes

Recommended clothing

We recommend sportswear and footwear that is suitable for sports activities (hiking boots or trainers).


The system of bridges was constructed with wire ropes and steps for the metal walkway grille, and must be crossed with the help of appropriate safety gear: harness, helmet, lanyard (“Via Ferrata” set). Equipment can be hired from the ticket office.

2018 Season

On Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays (non stop) from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 3:30pm to 6.30pm.


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