The Observatory is located in the Pollino National Park, in Senise, on a promontory of Lake Monte Cotugno, the largest artificial lake on clay in Europe and third in the world.

Thanks to the variety of environments you can admire many different species of sedentary and migratory birds, both aquatic and terrestrial: Red kites, Buzzards, Falcons, Grey wagtails, Shelducks, Crested grebes, Egrets, Sandpipers, Mallards, Coots, Hoopoes, Moorhens, Cormorants, Herons, Wigeons, Stone-curlew, Wheatears, Lanners.

Mediterranean brush dominates the shores of the Lake with specimens of mastics, green olive trees, juniper, rock roses, common bladder senna, intertwined with oak forests which alternate with thick forests of pines and colourful hills with flowers of every variety.


This place of enchanting landscapes fascinates visitors with its wild, untouched nature; it’s ideal for those who are interested in ornithology, bird-watching and photography. The environments are very diverse: there are green fields where you can go horse-riding or take a walk, or go trekking or climbing for the more experienced; also desert hills where you can enjoy cross mountain biking.


There are countless activities and workshops offered for guided tours to groups and schools of all levels, degrees and fields of study: environmental education for example, as well as morphological evolution, orienteering, mimicry, recycling, art and nature, restoration of agricultural traditions, etc.

Associazione di Promozione Sociale
“Argento Vivo”
Via Madonna di Viggiano,160
85038 Senise (PZ) – Cell 333.3954002