There is a reason why, every year, the Basilicata stretch of the Thyrrenian Coast wins prestigious environmental awards such as the “Blue Flag” and is awarded the ‘4 sails’ by Legambiente, a label assigned to the most beautiful and clean seaside locations. Maratea, known as the “Pearl” of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is considered a natural paradise where rocks plunge into the sea like tired giants.

A must see location for sun worshippers, underwater fishing lovers looking for deep and clean diving sites but also for those looking for the shelter and relax offered by seaside caves and small, secluded coves.

It is impossible to describe the feeling of freedom gained from a walk along the pebbled beaches, kissed by the sun to create light effects that seem to be straight out the enchanted world of fairy tales.

Along its 32 kilometres of beautiful beaches, Maratea coastline still houses the ruins of ancient sighting towers and boasts small coves fringed by clear turquoise waters and the green, lush Mediterranean woodlands and scrub. The coastline is dotted with enchanting seaside locations: Acquafredda, to the North; Cersuta, with some of the most visited beaches; Fiumicello, one of the most popular destinations; Spiaggia Nera, named the ‘black beach’ due to the dark colour of the sand, and Castrocucco, boasting one of the most suggestive beaches.

Refined and picturesque, Maratea’s yacht harbour offers a variety of services to boats and, in the warm summer nights, it becomes one of the most visited tourist attractions of the entire area.