Established in November 2017, The Vulture Regional Park is the youngest of the parks and nature reserves in Basilicata. It extends over 57,496 hectares and takes its name from the Monte Vulture, a volcano extinct for millennia of 1326 meters, whose craters are occupied by the most famous representatives of the Park: the Monticchio Lakes. Beautifully reflected in the waters of the lake there is the splendid Benedictine Abbey of San Michele which hosts the Museum of Natural History of the Vulture.

This natural paradise is covered in woods, green slopes, immense plateaus and nature tracks that lead to fairytale landscapes where the Bramea of Hartig, a rare prehistoric nocturnal butterfly, is visible only for a few hours on spring evenings.

The Vulture Park is art, churches and castles, but above all it is nature, tradition, agricultural products favored by the volcanic soil. The hilly Vulture district produces one of the greatest wines of Southern Italy: the Aglianico del Vulture along with other excellent products such as oil, honey and chestnuts. The Park is famous also for the high-quality mineral waters, partly used by the Terme di Rapolla.