Castles and museums of different styles and flairs, as well as literary parks and art galleries are part of the outstanding artistic, historical and cultural heritage of Basilicata.

Lose the sense of time exploring the castles of the Emperor Federico II of Svevia, in Lagopesole and Melfi, which also host the National Archaeological Museum, as does Venosa Castle. You shouldn’t miss the National Archaeological Museums in Potenza and Matera, both named after their founders ‘Dinu Adamesteanu’ and ‘Domenico Ridola’, and the museums of Metaponto and Policoro, with their beautiful archaeological areas. In the Museum of the Ancient People, located in Vaglio Basilicata and the Archaeopark of Basileus in Baragiano the charm of ancient worlds will unfold to visitors looking for unique journeys back in the past.

Among the main tourist attractions, it is well worth mentioning the Paleontological and Natural Museum of the Pollino National Park, the Museum of Natural History of San Michele Abbey, in the Vulture area, the original Museum of the Wolf in Viggiano, in the area of Val d’Agri, and many more.