The gloomy sound of cowbells, traditional masks and vibrant festivals representing the seasonal migration of cattle make the traditional anthropological and anthropomorphic carnivals in Basilicata a unique experience that you can only enjoy in the ancient land of Lucania.

An explosion of colours, sounds and traditional dances transforms Basilicata villages in lively and carefree theatres, where ancient myths and legends are staged with a variety of characters dressed as trees and animals.

From dawn till dusk, ancient rituals and festivals are celebrated across ten beautiful villages in the provinces of Potenza and Matera: the Festival of the Cowbell in San Mauro Forte, the ‘L’màsh-k-r’ Carnival in Tricarico, the Carnival of Satriano di Lucania, the Horned Mask Carnival of Aliano, the Carnival of Cirigliano, which interprets the months of the year and the four seasons, the Carnival of the Bear in Teana and the traditional ‘Carnevalone’ and Montese Carnival in Montescaglioso. The village of Lavello holds the ‘Domino”’Carnival, while in Viggianello the Carnival of Straw takes place. Last but not least, the Carnival of Stigliano boasts celebrations with allegorical floats and a clown.

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