Two national parks and two regional parks, protected areas, sun-kissed fields and grasslands, the evocative landscapes of Calanchi and impressive dams are all part of the multifaceted landscape of Basilicata.

The region boasts plenty of protected areas and four parks, including two national parks: the Lucanian side of the Pollino National Park and the National Park of Appennino Lucano ‘Val d’Agri Lagonegrese’, plus two regional parks, the Gallipoli Cognato Park and the Historical Natural Park of the Rock Churches of Matera.

Other regional nature reserves are located throughout the Basilicata, surrounded by gentle green slopes and caressed by the abundant and crystal-clear waters of rivers and natural basins: from the ‘Abetina Laurenzana’ Reserve, in the province of Potenza, to the Pantano Wood in Policoro, in the province of Matera, from the areas of Laudemio lake, Pantano lake of Pignola and the Monticchio lakes, in the surroundings of the regional capital, to the WWF Oasis of San Giuliano Lake, covering the municipalities of Grottole, Miglionico and Matera.

Also, the rough, moon-like landscapes of the ravines and gullies known as ‘Calanchi Lucani’ are of outstanding natural beauty. They are located across the municipalities of Pisticci, Montalbano Ionico, Craco, Stigliano, Ferrandina, Salandra, Tursi e Aliano, small villages that will definitely amaze you with their unique charm and magic.