Located just outside of Potenza,Vaglio di Basilicata is notable for its Museum of the Ancient People of Lucania which not only displays archaeological findings but also a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, thought to be a self-portrait.There is also a Museum of Rural Civilisation located here.
The old Neviera, or ice houses, consisting of two circular buildings which stand not far from the town on the slopes of Monte Giove were used in the 14th and 19th centuries to preserve food, the ice was also used to treat diseases. Snow would have been carried to the ice house, beaten into layers and then covered with leaves to insulate it. It is possible that the second building was actually intended for a guard to protect the ice.
If interested in archaeological discoveries, visit Rossano where the ‘House of Pithoi’ is the reconstruction of a 5th century BC home. Nearby you will also find Serra San Bernardo, another archaeological area of interest.