The village of Terranova di Pollino, one of the most characteristic on the Lucan side, is considered by many to be the Gate of the Park, both for its strategic position and for the peculiarities of the inhabited centre. The village is characterised by the Church of San Francesco da Paola, patron saint of Terranova, and by the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Pietà, dating back to the sixteenth century and rebuilt in the twentieth century, which preserves the 1500 canvas depicting the Our Lady of Grace. Another point of interest is the Duglia Lake at 1375 meters above sea level: located at the foot of the Serra del Crispo (also known as Garden of the gods), is surrounded by beautiful beech and silver fir forests that can exceed 30 meters in height near Piano di Iannace (1650 m), from which the Great Door is an hour and a half walk.
The paths of Timpa delle Murge and Timpa of Pietrasasso are very evocative, clear examples of ophiolitic outcrops, parts of oceanic crust brought to the top of the mountains by the tectonic events that led to the formation of the Apennines. In additioin, the Catusa spring, one of the most beautiful in the Park.