Scanzano Jonico owes its fame to the production of fruit, in particular citrus fruits, vegetables and tobacco. It was the last town in the province of Matera to be created following the land reform; until 1974 it was part of the municipality of Montalbano Jonico.
The agricultural vocation of Scanzano dates back to many centuries, since the territory was occupied by the Mycenaeans. Of this frequentation important archaeological traces are found in the Termitito locality, where the remains of a settlement dating back to the XIII-XI century B.C. can be observed.
In the centre the Baronial Palace, better known as Palazzaccio is worth a visit. It was built in the year 1700 along with the adjoining Chapel of the Theotokos. Among other places of worship, it is worth mentioning the Mother Church of the Annunziata and the Chapel of San Giuseppe annexed to the Palazzo di Recoleta.
Continuing towards the coast we find a mighty watchtower from the Aragonese period.