Among dense beech woods and mountains arranged almost to protect the village, Sasso di Castalda is known for its breathtaking views and the hiking routes that its territory offers.
Among the characteristic streets embellished by flowered balconies and interspersed with ancient buildings, inebriated by the inviting scent of local cuisine, you can reach one of the most famous attractions of Basilicata, the Alla Luna bridge: a Tibetan bridge that connects two spurs and overlooks a terrifying cliff. The structure is dedicated to Eng. Rocco Petrone, a member of the NASA staff responsible for the Apollo 11 mission that in 1969 brought man to the moon. The crossing of the structure, consisting of 300 steps and a span of 120 meters, is evocative and adrenaline-pumping. Upon arrival, a glass sky-walk and an unexpected panorama will reward the efforts of the brave.