Policoro is located in the fertile plain of Metaponto and is on the coast of the Matera province. The town is three kilometres from the Ionian sea, separated from its beaches by a tranquil pine forest nature reserve. The Ionian Sea is rich in marine life and dolphins and sea turtles are common in the bay.
Perfect for families, Policoro offers a wide range of activities including an outward bound adventure centre at the world famous sailing academy, Circolo Velico Lucano, which encourages younger children in school to participate in marine activities.
They hold school camping and day trips along with summer camps for anyone to join. The centre provides a variety of experiences such as sailing, wind and kite surfing, horse riding, wildlife spotting (dolphins/sea turtles), orienteering and much more to keep kids busy.
Walking in the forest, trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, archery, sailing, diving and canoeing are all popular leisure activities for visitors at this much loved seaside town. A street market is held on the 27th of every month in Policoro in the main square from 8am onwards.
With the presence of five rivers and a warm climate, Policoro produces the finest quality fruit and is famous for sweet strawberries which are exported worldwide. The waters around Policoro are so clean turtles such as the Loggerhead nest on the beaches. The local turtle sanctuary provides opportunities to learn more about them.

WWF Oasis Policoro Herakleia Nature Reserve
Located in Policoro, the nature reserve is perfect for families. Within the reserve, it is possible to visit the Recovery Centre for Wild Animals (CRAS) and participate in various activities organised by the Environmental Education Centre (CEA), which include forest walks, horse riding on the beach, archery and water sports such as canoeing and sailing.

National Museum of Siritide
The Archaeological Museum is rich in historical finds and contains the ruins of the ancient Greek colonies of Siris and Herakleia while the Archaeological Park is situated behind the National Museum and contains the Shrine of Demeter and the ArchaicTemple dedicated to Dionysus and dating back to the 7th century BC.

Marina di Policoro
This marina is situated along the Ionian coastline. A purpose built resort along 3 km of pristine beach, the marina has its own equipped fishing village, moorings, yacht club, bars, restaurants and boutiques.