This small village lies at 827 m above sea level, a few kilometres from Potenza. The place features mountains with ski facilities, forests where fauna and flora become a fairy tale and a natural oasis born on an idyllic lake (the Lake of Pantano) surrounded by cycle paths and hiking trails. Entering the village one is enraptured by 100 stone portals that dot the historic centre and guide the visitor to discover the many churches scattered among the alleys and more peripheral areas immersed in nature. The Church of San Rocco, the one of Sant ‘Antonio, of San Donato and the Church of the Madonna della Grazie are just some of the sacred places that characterise the different districts of Pignola, to which we should add the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and that of Santa Lucia, wrapped in charm and mystery because they are immersed in particular corners of the wood that surrounds the village. Majestic and imposing, with a robust and soaring bell tower, dominant from the top of the mountain on which Pignola lies is the Mother Church dedicated to Santa Maria Maggiore, protector of the municipality, to whom an enchanting golden statue has been dedicated. Also interesting is the Scenographic Museum of Rural Costumes and Civilisation, located at the entrance to the village.