The village of Pietragalla can be found just north of Potenza, surrounded by three hills. The Palmenti Park consists of about 200 caves once used for storing grapes and wine-making.The use of structures such as these is part of an ancient tradition of wine-making found throughout the Mediterranean.The caves, which take the appearance of stone rooms built into the hillside, are thought to be between 700 and 800 years old.The wineries are constructed in such a way that in one room the grapes were crushed into juice which then flowed into another room
for fermentation.The numerous, aged caves present an interesting and unique sight into age old traditions. Combine your visit to the Pal- menti wine cellars with the chance to see the Palazzo Ducale which contains paintings from the 1700s. If you are in Pietragalla during May don’t miss the Feast of St.Theodosius Martyr. This involves fireworks every morning a week before the event which culminates in a musical performance and fireworks at midnight.