Today, the city of the Sassi is the ideal location to rediscover the most authentic aspects of knowledge and fully enjoy a unique human and cultural panorama, where everyone can find something of themselves and feel immediately warmly welcomed. One of the most amazing experiences is wandering around the Sassi districts, where cave-houses are built on top of one other, and narrow streets lead to alleys, courtyards, stairways and squares. Or you can discover the astonishing Park of the Rock Churches, across the Gravina river, boasting over 150 places of worship carved out of the rock. You will feel as if you were part of a “stone fresco” guarded by deep silence. Because Matera is one of those cities that “the spirit never leaves” (Tahar Ben Jelloun).
Along the streets of Matera there are many museums as the Archeological Museum Ridola, National Museum of Medioeval and Modern Art, the MUSMA and interesting cultural centers: Casa di Ortega, Casa Noha and Casa Cava, where take place cultural events.