It was born on a spur overlooking the Marmo Platano Valley and has a rather scenographic conformation: the houses leaning against each other recall a nativity scene. In the historic centre we can breathe the passage of history, from the Pianello district, where the Roman imprint is strong, to the castle of medieval origin, up to the row of buildings of the Renaissance period. In the upper part of the village is the National archeologic museum, also a didactic-educational centre, frequented by schoolchildren not only for the countless finds dating back to the Roman age, but also for the sections dedicated to experimental archaeology. Therre is a strong sense of spirituality and fascinating places of worship, such as the convent of Sant’Antonio, with the annexed Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo, rich in artistic works from the ‘600. The Patron Saint of the place, San Gerado Maiella, was proclaimed as such by Pope John Paul II. An illustrious person and protector of Basilicata, today it is possible to learn about the most salient aspects of his life by following the “Gerardian paths”, itineraries within the village that can retrace the places frequented by the Saint.