Rich in interesting archaeological areas that have allowed splendid finds to be brought back to light, the territory of Chiaromonte dominates the Sinni valley with valuable buildings erected starting from the fourteenth century, such as the Palazzo di Giura (characterised by a cylindrical crenelated tower), and the Palazzo Vescovile from 1609. The churches are also very interesting, including the Mother Church of San Giovanni Battista (with the characteristic structure with three naves) and that of San Tommaso Apostolo. On the top of the hill, which offers a wide panorama that makes it possible to see the more or less neighbouring centres in the background, there is the Castello, which in recent times has taken on the appearance of Baronial Palace.  The “Lodovico Nicola di Jura” Archaeo-anthropological Museum in Chiaromonte is a place to discover and make discover the history of an ancient Enotria population of the Sinni valley, through the finds emerged from the excavations of archaeologists and from the studies of anthropologists in the important necropolis of Chiaromonte. The territory of Chiaromonte hosts the Abbey of Santa Maria del Sagittario, an ancient Italian Cistercian monastery, built in the 12th century, of which only a few ruins are visible today.