Bernalda is a hilltop town located in the province of Matera between two rivers, the Bradano and Basento.
The plateau was originally settled by the Greeks, until the 15th century it was known as ‘Camarda’, reflecting the need of the inhabitants to live close to the lands they cultivated. It is believed the area was largely abandoned after the Angevin rule and repopulated in 1470 when the name Bernalda was derived from Bernardino de Bernardo, secretary of the King of Aragon, who restabilished the town. It was granted the title of ‘City’ in 1735 when Carlo III spent a night in the castle on his journey to his coronation in Palermo.The castle has four circular bastions and a square tower of Norman origin.
Bernalda’s annual street festival takes place in late August and includes outdoor concer ts, a street parade and fireworks display.A family friendly event for all ages.