Accettura is a hilltop town south east of Tricarico located in the Parco Regionale di Gallipoli Cognato e delle Dolomiti Lucane. Due to its location the town has striking views and offers visitors the chance to walk through the park and enjoy the wildlife that it holds.The town is famed for its festival, the Maggio Accettura, also known as the Marriage of the Trees, an ancient rite where a holly tree (Cima) is joined to an oak tree (Maggio) to symbolise good fertility and harvest. This festival is held in the spring and is a colourful event with with folk music and traditional cuisine, and is the perfect event for all ages.
Accettura’s Church of San Antonio and Cathedral Church of San Nicola are worth a visit. More famous however is their folk group,‘I Maggiaioli’ di Accettura, who perform throughout Europe.