Romantic, gathered on the top of one of the mountains of the Lucanian Apennines, this village stands out at over 900 m above sea level and is characterised by steep streets that make their way among houses clinging to the rock, suddenly opening to breathtaking views. It is the village of San Valentino, the local patron saint. In winter, an enchanted veil seems to hang over it and the snowy landscape becomes a fairy tale. The ski slopes of the Sellata-Arioso promontory are particularly popular and frequented by skiers. Also in summer there are many possibilities for outdoor sports; to these we should add the curiosity aroused by sacred and cultural sites, such as the Mother Church, built in the 13th century and dedicated to the protector of lovers, embellished with a splendid stone portal and the “Porta di San Valentino” by painter-sculptor Masini, the Baronial Palace, the remains of the feudal castle and the virtual museum dedicated to the two great Lucanian artists from the 17th century, Giovanni and Girolamo Todisco, whose paintings are kept in various sites in Basilicata.