The golden sandy beaches of the Ionian Coast and the plunging cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Coast make Basilicata the ideal destination for those looking for relaxing holidays surrounded by crystal-clear waters and bright, sunny beaches.

The Ionian Coast, with the famous seaside town of Metaponto, boasts large beaches of fine golden sand, fringed by pine forests and eucalyptus trees spreading their pleasant scent all around. In the warm autumn days, the coast is also the perfect destination for the most romantic ones to enjoy long and peaceful walks on the shoreline, on foot or on horseback, from dawn till the early afternoon.

Thanks to its jagged coastline, with majestic mountains sweeping down to the blue sea, and its pebbled coves, Maratea has been defined as the “Pearl of the Thyrrenian Sea”, not only for its vibrant and colourful diving sites but also for its sea caves, which can be reached by boat. From the impressive white Statue of Christ the Redeemer, on Mount San Biagio, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the entire Gulf of Policastro.