The denomination of Matera DOC wine was established in 2005 and includes six types of wine: Matera “Rosso”, Matera “Primitivo”, Matera “Rosso Jonico”, Matera “Greco”, Matera “Bianco”, Matera “Spumante”.
The denomination takes its name both from the city of the Sassi and from the entire province that extends along the Ionian coast to Murgia, and includes the entire municipal areas of Bernalda, Calciano, Cirigliano, Colobraro, Craco, Ferrandina, Garaguso, Gorgoglione, Grassano, Grottole, Irsina, Matera, Miglionico, Montalbano Jonico, Montescaglioso, Nova Siri, Oliveto Lucano, Pisticci, Policoro, Pomarico, Rotondella, Salandra, San Giorgio Lucano, San Mauro Forte, Scanzano Jonico, Stigliano, Tricarico, Tursi, and Valsinni. The grapes can be produced in vineyards cultivated up to 700 meters above sea level
The taste of Matera DOC can have a slight hint of wood, apparently because they are processed according to traditional practices in wooden containers The colour and flavour varies according to the type.