This excellent oil gives an extra touch to each course of Lucanian cuisine, enhancing and embellishing the flavours of any chosen dish.
With an amber yellow colour with green reflections, a fruity aroma and flavour, and a slightly sweet and almondy taste, but also bitter, almost a little spicy, Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Vulture” PDO is obtained (70%) from the pressing of the “Ogliarola del Vulture” cultivar, as well as other varieties such as “Coratina”, “Cima di Melfi” and “Palmarola”.
Produced mostly between the municipalities of Melfi, Rapolla, Barile, Rionero in Vulture, Atella, Ripacandida, Maschito, Ginestra and Venosa, the extra virgin olive oil of Vulture has unique organoleptic qualities that enhance every peculiarity, differentiating it from other oils, also because of the volcanic origins of the soil.