The dynamic, colourful displays feature a procession of masked figures and floats created by young, local papier mâché craftsmen, who are custodians of this secular tradition, which move along the city streets.

The Montese Carnevalone and Carnival stand out for the stunning carnival processions and the considerable number of figures who process. The Carnevalone of Montescaglioso has its origins in the peasant world of tenant farmers, shepherds and farm workers.

The costumes are made every year from animal skin, canvas and jute, with plastic bags for the wheat seeds, paper, cardboard and fabric from old clothes. The Carnevalone is a large, elderly gentleman, wrapped in a black cloak with a large hat on his head, who parades through the town, riding a humble donkey, followed by a colourful procession. The distinctive masks and the carriers of the cowbells stand out amongst the group of figures along with Quaremma, the wife of Carnevalone, dressed in black with a newly born child in her arms. The newly born child is Carnevalicchio, who is born when Carnevalone dies on the bonfire.


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