Settimana santa Ripacandida

The Sacred performance of Ripacandida

The celebrations at Ripacandida are the most recent of the Lucanian Sacred Performances of the Passion of Christ. The Via Crucis involves around a hundred characters who participate in a procession much loved by the citizens. Among the more interesting characters, apart from Christ, we remember the Moor and the Gypsy. The Passion of Christ combines the highest religiosity with very deep popular sentiment which is typical of this part of Lucania, where performances of the Passion are a secular event, in which faith, religion and, in some parts, folklore, create a charming occasion. They are also the object of numerous anthropological studies.

The procession of the Mysteries

Sacre Rappresentazioni

On Good Friday, the statues of the Mysteries retrace the stops on the Via Crucis, going through the city at a very slow pace. Among the more evocative statues is that of the Madonna of the Sorrows, followed by others depicting Christ at the Column, Jesus Crucified, Christ Dead and the Pietà. The procession returns late at night and the statues are carried back again to the respective churches. The event, in which the four guilds of Montescaglioso participate, has its origins in the ceremonies of the Passion of Christ from southern Spain. An evocative atmosphere pervades the Chiesa Madre whilst the choir sings “The Lullabies’.

Where: Montescaglioso (MT)

Sacra rappresentazione di Rapolla

The Sacred performance of Rapolla

Sacre Rappresentazioni

The Crucifixion is staged in the Parco Urbano of the cellar-caves at Rapolla, whilst the procession of the Dead Christ winds along streets illuminated only by the faint light of candles in a beautifully intense atmosphere. The procession which includes pious women, wearing black garments decorated with a violet bow, continuously alternates religious songs with the prayers of the Priests and the faithful. Various stages are arranged on which all the phases of the Passion of Christ are enacted, from the conviction to the Crucifixion. The pious women follow the procession, each one carrying a candle in her hand which enhances the intimacy of the event.
Where: Rapolla (PZ)

The Sacred performance of Atella

Sacre Rappresentazioni

In the Angevin city of Atella, the Via Crucis winds along the charming streets. The “Cyrenean” who, as referred to in the Gospels, helped Christ to carry the cross, is chosen from amongst the crowd. On Maundy Thursday, the Via Crucis of Atella relives the phases leading up to the death of Jesus: the three teardrops, the meeting with the Madonna and those with the Samaritan who offers him something to drink and with Veronica who dries his face. These sacred events unfold in the historic centre, in a well worn path which is shared by the locals and anyone else who chooses to participate in a special example of history and culture. Stopping along different points in the town, it undertakes a journey recreating Jesus’ trial and the judgement of Pilate who, encouraged by the people, sentences him to death.
Where: Atella (PZ)

The Sacred performance of Barile

Sacre Rappresentazioni

The oldest Via Crucis in the region is held here. The procession of the Mysteries is combined with symbolism reminscent of Albania. 117 actors, subdivided into 25 groups, – all chosen from the local people – recreate the Passion of Christ. Amongst this group, it is possible to distinguish the leading figures of the main episodes of the Via Crucis – after Jesus come the priests, the pious women, the Pharisees, the Madonna, the Apostles – and certain characters who are alien to our religious culture, including the Gypsy next to the Gypsy girl and the Moor together with the young moorish boy who represent the trap, the unknown. At the head of the religious procession are three centurions on horseback playing trumpets – the work of local artisans, as are the other accessories and costumes worn by the actors – and three little girls dressed in white. They are followed by the Three Marys, a girl in a black garment, who carries a banner bearing the signs of the Passion of Christ, and thirty three young girls wearing purple dresses recalling the age of Jesus at the time of his death.
Where: Barile (PZ)

Venosa Sacre rappresentazioni

The Sacred performance of Venosa

Sacre Rappresentazioni

The Last Supper is staged in Piazza San Giovanni de Matha with the table and chairs laid out, mirroring the style of the time. About a hundred characters make up the procession which progresses towards the town hall or to the Fontana Angioina where, before the eyes of the crowd, Jesus is captured. Everything then moves to Piazza Castello for the trial, presided over by the High Priest Caiaphas who has the Master arrested. The atmosphere is heavy with emphasis when Peter denies Jesus at the rampart of the Castello Pirro del Balzo, which is also the setting for the flogging scene. After the trial, the procession crosses the city’s main avenue as far as Piazza Orazio, where the encounter between Jesus and the Madonna takes place. The Crucifixion, followed by the Resurrection, takes place in Piazza Castello.
Where: Venosa (PZ)

The Sacred performance of Maschito

Sacre Rappresentazioni

A Maschito, il Venerdì Santo, circa ottanta personaggi, tra soldati, sacerdoti, discepoli, donne del popolo e altri interpreti ripropongono le fasi salienti delle quattordici stazioni della via Crucis. La processione di dispiega dalla Chiesa Madre fino a via Calvario, il luogo della Crocifissione. La villa comunale diventa lo scenario naturale dell’Orto degli Ulivi, luogo in cui Gesù Cristo, secondo le Sacre Scritture, si ritirò dopo l’ultima cena prima di essere tradito da Giuda e arrestato. Tra gli stretti vicoli del paese l’emozione prende forma con il processo – nei pressi della Fontana Skanderbeg – gli incontri con la Maddalena, le pie donne e la Veronica che gli asciuga il volto.

On Good Friday, around eighty actors including soldiers, priests, disciples, women of the people and other performers, recreate the main phases of the fourteen stations of the Via Crucis. The procession goes from the Chiesa Madre as far as Via Calvario, the place of the Crucifixion. The town hall becomes natural setting of the Gar- 33 den of Olives, the place where, according to the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ retired to after the Last Supper before being betrayed and arrested. Emotions run high amongst the narrow alleyways of the town with the procession – near the Fontana Skanderbeg – and the encounters with Mary Magdalene, the Pious Women and Veronica who dries his face.
Where: Maschito (PZ)

Via Crucis Rionero in Vulture

The Sacred performance of Rionero in Vulture

Sacre Rappresentazioni

The cycle of ceremonies of Lucanian Sacred Performances concludes with the Passion of Christ of Rionero in Vulture. The costumes reflect the historical context in which Jesus lived, taking close account of the reading of the Sacred Scriptures. On Holy Saturday, the main figures parade, reprising the human story of Jesus, starting with Palm Sunday and his triumphant arrival in Jerusalem, ending with his Crucifixion between the two thieves. Featuring amongst the 180 characters are the Madonna of the Sorrows and St. John, Mary Magdalene and the Pious Women, followed by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, representatives of the Sanhedrin.
Where: Rionero in Vulture (PZ)