Passion tourism and psychophysical well-being

Passion tourism and psychophysical well-being

Basilicata as the ideal destination for living one’s passions while regenerating body and mind.

There are many opportunities to give a “therapeutic” sense to a much-desired holiday by dedicating oneself to regenerating activities by immersing in nature, rediscovering the charm of traditions, tasting typical dishes and practising sports and outdoor activities.

Basilicata as a destination for a demanding and passionate tourism, increasingly in search of unique and unusual places, far from the routes of mass tourism and attentive to rediscovering places of authentic beauty, culture and tradition.

Basilicata, the perfect holiday

Itineraries between nature and culture. Fairy-tale atmospheres, the scent of the countryside leading to the sea, the rhythms of captivating music, adrenalin-pumping outdoor experiences, gourmet and genuine products. A journey to discover unexpected villages. Where to rediscover lost sensations and ancient traditions, experience strong emotions or regenerate in oases of peace

Follow your passions

For a quality holiday, following your passions can make all the difference. A holiday in the open air in the woods, trekking, nature, cycling, meeting your fraternity, etc. can have a better effect on your psychophysical well-being than a sedentary holiday.

Il Turismo delle passioni