Museo Diocesano Matera

Diocesan Museum of Matera

Diocesan Museums

The Diocesan Museum of Matera is located near the Cathedral of Bruna and has been set up in ancient renovated rooms of the diocese.
The museum consists of 3 large rooms in which various works of sacred art are exhibited. The museum itinerary unfolds starts from the present day and reaches the origins of the church of Matera. It currently houses a large number of sacred silvers probably dating back to between the 11th and 19th centuries from the treasure of the Cathedral of Matera and from Santa Chiara church.
Among the oldest objects exhibited at the Diocesan Museum of Matera stands out the Byzantine manufacture enkolpion, or pectoral cross, datable to around the mid-11th century.

The Diocesan Museum of Tricarico

Diocesan Museums

In the17th-century Palazzo Vescovile (bi- shop palace), the oldest diocesan archive in the entire region is kept. The Diocesan Museum of Tricarico features five exhibi- tion sections that display the historical, artistic and archaeological heritage coming from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the large diocesan territory. One area is entirely dedicated to the Venerable Mons. Raffaello Delle Nocche, bishop of the Dioce- se of Tricarico from 1922 to 1960.

The Diocesan Museum of Acerenza

Diocesan Museums

The ancient building, once home to the Acerenza seminary, today houses the Diocesan Museum, where objects from the treasure of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta can be found. The museum’s exhibits, dating back to different historical periods, are truly fasci- nating as they narrate the life and spiritual experiences of Benedictine and Franciscan monks, saint priests and bishops.

The remains found in the area may be dating back to the 9th century BC – 4th century AD. They are exhibited in the archaeological and lapidary section, and include a marble bust of emperor Julian the Apostate (331-363).


The Diocesan Museum of Potenza

Diocesan Museums

The former Seminary, behind the Cathedral of San Gerardo, is home to the diocesan museum of Potenza. The museum offers
its visitors one of the most interesting collections of sacred objects in the region. Through a journey between art and faith, the museum boasts a rich selection of sa- cred silverware and paintings.


The Diocesan Museum of Melfi

Diocesan Museums

The Diocesan Museum resides in the Bishop’s Palace, in Piazza Duomo. Its rich heritage consists of precious objects and artefacts from the ancient diocese of Melfi.

The Pietà, in coloured stone dating back to the 1400s, and made by a talented southern Italian artist, is a rare and extraordinarily beautiful work.