Location: Teana (PZ)

Duration: 4 hours

The processing of GreGne is one of the process stages that goes from the sowing of the wheat
to the reaping, which is obviously done by hand, to the making of bundles of wheat tied
together. In a second stage, the best ears of grain are chosen, the largest and fullest, which are
then gathered into bunches and placed in water to make them easier to work; in fact, some of
these ears of grain will be used to ‘dress’ the wooden structure and others will be ‘woven’.
Finally, once the structure is dressed, a bunch of ears of corn or another special weave worked
separately called ‘Santo Martino’ is placed on top, an expression used as a sign of good luck.
The Gregne can be made from hard or soft wheat ears and usually decorated with
handkerchiefs, ribbons and coloured flowers. They are usually decorated with handkerchiefs,
ribbons and colourful flowers and carry the effigy of the saint or the Madonna in a procession
through the streets of the village.
The proposed experience concerns the processing of the ears of corn that will be used as
handicrafts, the Gregne, which will then be carried in procession through the streets of the
village and with which a dance of thanksgiving for the harvest will be performed.

The offer includes:
– course on working with grenne
– aperitif/lunch with local products

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