EXPERIENCE BASILICATA: Living the Masseria, production and tradition – Ear to plate course

Location: Montescaglioso (MT)
Duration: 3 hours
Participants: The course can be attended by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 15 participants. No experience is required for aspiring cooks. The course: the cooking lessons take place in the restaurant of the farmhouse in Italian and English. The course lasts about 2 hours with a theoretical introduction to Lucanian cuisine and the dishes chosen to be cooked and a practical part. Clients will take an active part in the preparation, learning how to make, for example, orecchiette, frscidd’, cavatelli or lasagne. At the end of the course all the dishes prepared will be enjoyed together for a fun dinner or a typical Lucanian lunch. The course also can be included a visit to a mill

The offer includes:

– meal prepared during the cookery course (including drinks)
– tools for performing the workshops
– photo album to be sent by email